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Our Story


December 2014. Between mid-noon and early afternoon, two worn out executives were looking at the charming little angels of Canadian International School, while having a late lunch on the opposite side of the road in Gulshan 2, Dhaka, sitting on the tiny bar stools of the sidewalk juice bar. Between talks of daily frustration and wild imaginations to do something for the society, came the idea of developing a mobile app on helping kids learn proper Bangla that would magically turn the whole nation into language enthusiasts (as if!). Along came the idea of developing a traffic app that would rid us all from the daily road rage (u wish !_!). Well, the rest is formation of BiGS and the journey towards a digital future still in the making.

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What We Do?


Team BiGS will ensure your solution is scalable, user friendly and compatible with other software and devices.


We at BiGS, help you with the most effective contents to tell your story

Mobile App

BiGS lives on and for Mobile Applications, because we believe in connectively at all times.

Web Solutions

BiGS IT has the years of experience with both static as well as dynamic website design and development

A team of like minded professionals solving critical problems on a daily basis .

Our Portfolio

Some work for our honorable clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What can you help me with?
Pretty much anything as long as you chose from the services we provide. And to know what service we provide, kindly click on the services button on the menu bar
02. How do I start?
Just by filling up the contact from or sending us an email or giving us a call using the phone number, all provided in our Contact Page. Once we have our initial Face-to-Face or online call, we can gather your requirements, work out our terms and conditions and start the project as soon as possible
03. How Expensive are your guys?
Not more expensive than your success.
04. Do I need to be an expert to work with you?
You don’t need to be an IT or Software expert. That’s what we are here for. You only need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for and let us help you through the implementation of it.
05. How long does it take to develop an app, website or software solution?
It greatly varies from project to project. As soon as we are clear about your requirements and settle the terms and conditions, we shall develop the Most Viable Product or Operating Product with the shortest possible time so that the project does not linger without any tangible development. It is our duty to ensure delivery within deadline.
06. What if I have a product that I need to improve instead of an idea of a fresh new product?
We are happy to help in both cases.
07. Why should I work with you instead of hiring my own team?
Your own team would be awesome, except its quite time consuming to recruit and costly to maintain a software team in the long learn. Whereas working with us give you faster delivery, no headhunting hassle and quicker implementation of your project.
08. What happens when the project is done or my product is delivered?
Hope you would be happy with the solution to begin with. Depending on the terms and conditions in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) our collaboration can further extend and we shall be happy to support you as long as you need.

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